The 10 Best Apple Orchards in New Mexico!

An excellent way to eat locally and support farms, as well as get outdoors on a gorgeous autumn day, is by spending the day picking apples. Take a trip to your local farm or orchard to grab all of your favorites. These farms have made a habit of providing fresh apples to their communities year in and year out. Some allow visitors to pick apples from the trees, while others let you pick from amazing baskets filled with them at farm stands. Here are the 10 best apple orchards in New Mexico! 

1. Cadwallader Mountain Farms and Orchard, Mountain Park, NM

In springtime, the blossoming apple trees at this small family farm are beautiful and fragrant. In Fall, the apples, the result of those lovely blossoms, are beautiful and delicious! In business since 1943, the Cadwallader Family knows the u-pick business and make it user-friendly. Wear comfy shoes as you traipse through the orchard to pick either a pound or, if you’re up to the challenge, 20 or 40 pounds for a discounted price. Cash or checks only, no credit cards.

2. Kerby Orchard, Farmington, NM

If one bad apple spoils the whole bunch, then be sure not to get any bad apples by picking your own. For more than 60 years, the Kerby family has been tending orchards, growing seven different varieties of sweet, crispy and tart apples. The apples are left on the tree to ripen until just right for pickin’ in late summer and fall, creating a sweeter fruit. They only sell what they grow, so get it while you can. Call ahead.

3. Costanza Apple Orchard, Belen, NM

Do you like things in apple pie order? Then this family farm is the place for you. The 1,000 apple trees are beautifully aligned, lovingly tended and very accessible when it comes to picking. When the red-letter signs go up around town announcing apples for sale, which is around about day at this family farm nestled in the Rio Grande River Valley, it’s harvest time. Apples are sold in five, 10 and 20-pound bags, as well as by the bushel, about 50 pounds. Take a drive, take a stroll and then head home with some eatin’, cook’, freezin’ or dryin’ fruit.

4. Hays Honey & Apple Farm, Bosque Farms, NM

The main purpose of the wide-range of apple tree orchards here is to keep the bees at this large honey farm happy. There are Blushing Golden, Roam Beauty, Stark Crimson, Stayman Winesap, Granny Smith, Ultra Macintosh and the unique Arkansas Blacks in late October. The bees keep the trees pollinated, which results in some great fruit, and the apple blossoms make for some really sweet honey. All-in-all, this family operated farm is keeping nature in balance.

5. Manzano Mountain Retreat and Apple Ranch, Estancia, NM

In the 1700s, the Spanish arrived in this area of the state and brought with them apple trees. That is how the nearby town of Manzano, which means apple in Spanish, got its name. For more than 30 years, this apple ranch has kept that apple heritage alive, producing more than 4,000 bushels of apples. Open from mid-September through mid-November, you’ll find 28 different varieties to choose from, making this the State’s largest selection. You can’t pick them from the trees, but you can hand pick them from the overflowing bushel baskets on-hand.

6. Wagner Farms, Corrales, NM

Take a hay ride out to the orchards for an unforgettable apple tour. This family farm has been growing and harvesting everything from apples to chiles to corn for more than 100 years. While you’re there, check out the Apple Tree Cafe for a homemade fruit dessert. A trip to the farm is a delicious tradition worth starting.

7. U-Pick Mesilla Valley Apple Orchard, Las Cruces, NM

Four-hundred trees … how about them apples! Between August and September, they’re yours for the picking, too at this old-fashioned farm. Orchard-ripened apples are sweeter and juicier, better for eating and cooking with. Take the family for a hunt for the best and brightest apples in the orchard. Red Delicious and Jonathans available in season. Don’t leave without picking up a home-made apple pie. 

8. Nichols Ranch and Orchards, La Luz, NM

On the slopes of the local Sacramento Mountains lies this 400-acre ranch, with 16 acres of apple trees, some of which were planted by one of the first homesteaders in the early 1900s. It’s a good thing apple trees are long-lived, about 100 years on average. This farm has Honeycrisp, Stayman Winesap, New Mexico Red Delicious, Yellow and Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Black Twig and Jonathans. Depending on weather, some or all will be available for picking. 

9. Romero’s Orchard, Embudo, NM

Owner Clovis J. Romero has been tending apple orchards here since 1964. He has 10 acres with about 330 trees gracing the beautiful Embudo Valley. You’ll find a wide-variety of favorites like Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Rome Beauty, Red Rome, plus some you don’t see often in the local grocery store like Winesap, Stamen Winesap, McIntosh, Jonathan and Johnny Red. All are available for local collection. 

10. Alary Farms, Corrales, NM

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so the saying goes. Just imagine how you’d feel if you bought a bushel of fresh, locally-grown apples? In the pink … Pink Beauty that is. The family has been successfully farming the land here since 1879. You can’t pick apples from the trees, but you can hand select the best of the harvest at the small on-site store. Open Saturdays and Sundays only when apples are available. Call ahead.

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