The 10 Best Places for Bubble Tea in New Mexico!

Bubble tea: The tasty tea-based delight that people are raving about. Always made with milk and often mixed with fruit, this delicious drink is made unique by its tiny gems of chewy tapioca. From passion fruit to honeydew to green tea, find all of the best flavors at the 10 best places for bubble tea in New Mexico.  

1. Rustic Bubble Tea Cafe, Albuquerque, NM

Selection is the word of the day here. Green apple slush, taro root, jasmine green tea, coconut, passion fruit, guava and dozens of more flavors give customers incredible choices at this compact store. Have a boba traditional style with milk or as a smoothie or slushy. Genuine Vietnamese boba coffee also on the menu. Add a bowl of pho and it’s the perfect meal.

2. Chill-Yogurt Bar, Carlsbad, NM

Milk tea and yogurt go hand in hand. They’re both an accommodating base for the addition of assorted yummies like the sweet pearls of tapioca in their flavored bubble tea. This is a help-yourself kind of place. Pick the flavor you want, for both tea and yogurt, and then the friendly staff will add the extras of your choice. A little bit of Asia in the southern part of the state.

3. Lotus Boba Tea, Alamogordo, NM

A pina colada with tapioca pearls is just one of the exotic combinations here. There’s also tao coconut with kiwi boba and rainbow jelly. It’s a fresh and tasty feast of tastes, textures and tea. A thirst-quenching concoction on a hot day or a stimulating pick-me-up at any time of the day.

4. SweeTea Bakery Cafe, Albuquerque, NM

Blend a little bit of Vietnam and a little bit of France together and that’s what you’ll find at this charming eatery. Slushies, milk and flavored teas blend black, green and mint teas with mango, avocado, jasmine and strawberry with an eclectic selection of bobas from aloe vera jelly to passion fruit popping pearls to red beans. Vietnamese coffee with sea salt cream and boba also available.

5. Bobalicious Tea Lounge, Los Lunas, NM

Mix and match your flavors at this small tea company that serves a yummy nosh in a cup. Choose a “fusion” like hot, chilled or a slushy tea, add a spicy mango, lychee, honeydew or taro flavor and then boost the brew with boba, jelly or bursting popping pearls. Be sure to ask about the special drink-of-the-day. A great place to get a cup of pinon coffee too.

6. Boba Café & Cabaret, Las Cruces, NM

There’s a lot going on at this little cafe. The food menu is a mixed bag of Mexican, Caribbean and Asian options, and there’s bubble tea. Choices include straight or flavored milk tea, milk tea and espresso, chai smoothie boba and a regular fruit smoothie with boba. Grab a giant straw and get drinking!

7. Yo Tea Go and More, Clovis, NM

A dozen or more flavors are available for bubble tea at this self-serve tea and yogurt bar. The drinks serve a multiple of purposes from refuel and recover to meal replacement to trim & low cal to a veggie fusion, or create a mix of your own. There’s a wide range of different bubbles to choose from, too. A laid-back place with just the right snack-shop vibe.

8. Mikasa Japanese, Farmington, NM

It’s likely that bubble tea originated in Taiwan, but there’s some who think it was inspired by a Japanese cold coffee drink. On the menu at this Japanese restaurant, that blends the modern with the traditional, is both boba milk tea and boba Thai tea. It’s a delightful accompaniment to a poke bowl, sashimi or any one of the hibachi or teriyaki meals. It’s one of the few places in town where you’ll find boba.

9. Mountain Bubble Tea, Los Alamos, NM

A tiny place with a small but high-quality selection of bubble teas. A simple milk tea blend is the base. Add the classic chewy tapioca pearls or fruit-filled poppers or mochi, a chewy rice cake, or aloe jelly with a touch of honey. This infamous town can now add bubble tea to its list of accomplishments.

10. Boba Tea Company, Albuquerque, NM

This place is fun, from the variety of rainbow drinks to the colorful decor. It’s a chain small that of stores that began in Albuquerque and now are found in both New Mexico and Arizona. The menu is even fun—choose from Velvetea, Fruitea, Naughtea or Flirtea, Vitalitea, Lattea and Nuditea, all which begin with tea and get doctored up with a variety of “sidekicks,” gobi poppers, boba and nunu yummies. The Nuditea is the fat free or sugar free option.

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