The 10 Best Buffets in New Mexico!

Variety is the very spice of life and buffets provide the perfect experience to capture that sentiment. There are so many choices on a menu that it’s hard to decide what to try. A buffet gives you the option to take a taste of every single dish. Each of these excellent buffets in New Mexico are all you can eat, so dig in!

1. Namaste Cuisine of India and Nepal Restaurant, Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, NM

If you’re looking for a truly authentic meal, head to this delightful restaurant that serves Indian and Nepalese comfort food at its daily lunch buffet. The colors and flavors of these Asian countries come to life in the Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, spinach pakora, biryanis and the lamb curry. There’s a delicious assortment of breads, rice dishes, lamb, goat and seafood specialties and sweet desserts. The buffet fare changes daily. Open seven days a week.

For lunch today, tried out Namaste in Rio Rancho with dad. It was excellent; highly recommend. Among the things we talked about was the book. As some of you know, I've decided, after a lot of research, to go the self-publishing/e-book route. A week or so ago, I was tempted to write a post about all of criticisms of the publishing industry that my research put into stark relief, but as always, time adds perspective. There are still plenty of valid criticisms to levy against the mainstream publishing model, but I do respect the fact that publishers will always feel better about proven writers versus nobodies like me. I respect it because while it seems like a problem, it really isn't, especially today. There are more opportunities than ever before to really prove oneself and one's ideas, to show that one can be contributive rather than derivative, and to advance creative arts rather than merely dabble in them. Perhaps it's fitting, then that my criticisms of publishers ultimately mellow—like so many of my observations of the book industry—into gentle admonishments of writers in general. We want publishers to be an answer, because that's just the narrative. But we forget that they too are looking for answers to particular business questions, and writers aren't really doing much to provide their particular answer to those particular concerns. So it's going to be an exciting couple months as my book takes final form. It's a book that posits an answer to what it means to be excellent, and if that answer proves useful to enough people, then maybe it'll prove me useful to people with access to even greater audiences.

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2. Rocket National Buffet, Alamogordo, NM

This unassuming restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but step inside and the aromas of your favorite Chinese food make up for that. Additionally, the buffet is visually beautiful, showcasing fresh vegetables, lovely steamed dumplings, mouthwatering chicken, pork, beef and shrimp dishes, plus sushi and Mongolian barbecue. Whether you go for lunch or dinner, the buffet is always available. Prices vary.


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3. Nataani Nez, Shiprock, NM

Every day at this buffet is different, that’s what makes this restaurant so enjoyable. Plus, there are three buffets to choose from, an added benefit for those who like to nibble on different dishes. The breakfast buffet is Friday and Saturday only. The all-you-can-eat salad and lunch buffet are Monday through Friday. Each day showcases a specialty at lunch from Mexican to barbeque to Navajo to Chinese fare. Special prices on a kids buffet for those two to eight.

4. Asian Buffet, Raton, NM

Fresh and plentiful describe this all-you-can-eat buffet. Whether you eat-in or take-out, you’ll likely have enough food for days. Eat-in and you can go back until you’ve had your fill of pork lo mein or General Tso’s chicken or tofu with cashew nuts or any of the other dozens of options. Also on hand are a variety of sushi rolls. Save room for some self-serve ice cream or lichee fruit for desert. Open every day but Sunday.

5. Route 66 Casino Hotel, Albuquerque, NM

Live action cooking adds a bit of showmanship to this dining out experience. There are more than 200 items on this smorgasbord of international and regional specialties. With so many choices, all-you-can-eat is all about pacing yourself. Specialty dinner menus include barbecue, Italian, crab legs generally on Friday and Saturday and a Champagne brunch on Sunday. Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

6. Panda Buffet, Las Cruces, NM

With more than 50 items on this buffet, you could eat here every day for a month and never have the same thing twice. The food is fresh and tasty and dishes are replenished regularly so it all stays hot. Choices include a variety of classic dishes, as well as some house special surprises. Buffet take-out is available too. The portions are huge so it makes a great family meal. Open everyday and holidays. 

7. India House, Santa Fe, NM

If you’ve had your fill of green chile, a meal at this lunch buffet takes you to another culture. The buffet is well priced and offers a good selection of Indian food from traditional breads like naan, to various curry dishes, as well as tandoori chicken and different types of seafood and meats in distinctive sauces like spicy vindaloo or a creamy nut sauce. Save room for some sweet rice pudding, too.

8. Hong Kong Super Buffet, Portales, NM

A meal here is a treat for the senses … beautiful food, amazing aromas, sizzling and spicy flavors. Both the lunch and dinner buffets are well-priced at under $10. You can fill you plate with as much food as you like, and then go back and do it again, and again. Popular items include fried chicken with peanut butter, sushi, kimchi, broccoli beef, pickled vegetables and a selection of Korean, Japanese and American fare. Also on hand, Blue Bunny self-scoop ice cream, fried doughnuts and cookies. Open every day.

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9. Bombay Grill and Buffet, Gallup, NM

Right off Interstate 40, connected to a gas station is this slice of India. The food is authentic and the menu reflects the traditional names of the dishes. samose, tandoori murgh and tandoor rotiyan, Indian breads from tanoor represent just a few of the choices at this Sikh establishment. Of course, there’s chai and naan, two popular favorites in the Indian culture. 

delicious indian food in gallup, nm.

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10. Buffet King, Albuquerque, NM

This is a super buffet! There are hundreds of choices, all made fresh daily. Seafood, a specialty, includes crawfish, frog legs, crab legs, salmon, jumbo shrimp, mussels and baked sea bass. There’s also a large Mongolian grill, fresh hand-rolled sushi and a fruit and dessert bar that has something for every sweet tooth. Open every day.

Trying to be healthy at the buffet. Lol

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