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Ruidoso River Museum

Ruidoso River Museum
101 Mechem Drive

The Ruidoso River Museum aims to increase the public's awareness and understanding of the people of Lincoln County in the 1870s and 1880s, most notably Billy the Kid and other Lincoln County War participants, as well as lawmen like Pat Garrett.  We work to ensure that each guest leaves our museum with a basic understanding of the circumstances of the Lincoln County War and the several years preceding and following it.

Guests will also have a sense of the lives of those involved not only in the war, but in the later pursuit and killing of Billy the Kid.   We believe that the best tools to educate the public on our subject matter are artifacts, photographs of each subject and his surroundings, and clear, concise biographies that not only tell the stories of these lives, but demonstrate their place in our nation's history.

We are also, with our various other museum displays, here to entertain, amuse and create a sense of wonder in our visitors ... we endeavor to have something of interest for everyone. The Ruidoso River Museum is committed to providing a family friendly environment where history comes alive … come for a visit and be swept away by the ‘Flow of History’.

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