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B-Square Ranch

B-Square Ranch
3901 Bloomfield Highway

The B-square Ranch was established in 1957 by Tom Bolack to demonstrate multiple land use. The 300 acre operation involved land reclamation, river rechanneling and production of wildlife habitat. Showing the fruits of agricultural production won many ribbons at the New Mexico State Fair.

Tommy Bolack watched, with great interest, the early development of the ranch and began working at the ranch during the summer in 1962, and was managing the operation eight years later while attending college. By 1973, he was managing the operation full-time and was personally growing and assembling the yearly New Mexico State Fair display. The Bolacks had withdrawn the display from competition as winning many ribbons was defeating their purpose to encourage others to complete and to keep their land productive. As a further incentive, the Bolacks matched all first place premiums on agriculture products and awarded ribbons.

Over a thirty year period, several large acquisitions would enlarge the ranch to it's present 12,000 acres. Several river rechanneling projects would straighten five miles of the San Juan River and produce eight new lakes and 1,000 acres of riparian wildlife habitat. A land reclamation project would transform 7000 acres of wasteland into productive farm land. Finally a watershed management program would construct 300 retention dams and re-seed nearly 5,000 acres of barren canyon lands.

A bridge was moved some twelve miles in 1980, and placed to link the north and south ranch operations and was dedicated in memory of Tom's wife, Alice, who died of cancer in 1978.

Despite Tom's near fatal accident in the early 1970's, and a stroke twenty years later, he and Tommy worked hand-in hand in the development of the B-Square Ranch. Tommy acted as engineer, implementer and inspector for most projects.

Today, the operation boasts a 650 head cattle heard, 400 deer, winter refuge for 75,000 waterfowl, home to pheasant, turkey, quail and raptors. The showplace of resource conservation at work clearly demonstrates that agriculture, livestock, wildlife and oil an gas production can co-exist in mutual benefit.

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