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Cliff's Amusement Park

4800 Osuna Road NorthEast

Cliff’s Amusement Park offers fun for all ages! Whether you are 1 or 99, Cliff’s Amusement Park will leave you with a smile, a laugh, and memories to last a lifetime. Between our Family Rides, Thrill Rides, and Kiddieland Rides, Cliff’s offers 23 theme park rides that will leave your entire family entertained for hours.  Come ride the famous New Mexico Rattler, one of the top 25 wooden roller coasters in the world, or take a spin high above the park on our latest addition, The Wind Rider, or if you want something with a little slower pace, kick back and relax on a scenic ride through the park aboard our train. There is no better way to beat the New Mexico heat than an afternoon at Cliff’s WaterMania! It takes only seconds to get drenched, but provides hours of fun in the sun. So what are you waiting for? Load up the family, invite some friends, and come out to the best family entertainment the Southwest has to offer.



Rich Angel

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Came here for a company picnic. I worked here when I was 17 years old as a ride operator. Lots of changes since I worked here, mostly neutral. I am a native New Mexican so I am used to the heat but the park is still hot as I remembered. The water monkey family/handicap bathroom had little to no air conditioning, so changing a family four was no picnic. They have fans with water misters throughout the park but still isn’t enough. The park needs to plant trees or build structures for shade. Our car was 107 degree when we left which is not the norm for me when leaving my car out in this hot weather. So park under a tree in the parking lot. The park needs to plant for trees in the parking lot. The park employees and security need to work on their soft skills. Now its policy not to bring outside food or drinks except one bottle water. I am unsure if they did this to make more money by selling concessions or for other reasons. The water monkey was upgraded with a larger water money structure. The old water money used to have 1 foot deep of water. My little girl really like the new child roller coaster and “cliffs swing” The tilt o whirl was closed and the falling star was closed when we went. Tips: Go on a Friday or Saturday in the evening/night time for cooler temperatures. Park under a tree. Lock your doors and don’t put any valuables in your car. Eat before you go or get a entry ticket and eat off campus. They don’t allow outside food. If your are going down the “flush” go in the black one, the other one is boring.

Tina Baraque

Thursday, June 7, 2018
We went right when they opened at 11:00. The lines to get in were short and the price very reasonable with a $10 off coupon. Only $20 per adult. They pack a lot of park in the relatively small area. The rides have been upgraded over the years and are decent. The lines were negligible. We basically walked up and got on most of the rides. The roller coaster is awesome. It's in the top 25 wooden coasters in the world (true fact). The other rides are also an adrenaline rush. The park is clean. Rather stark and unimaginative. The prices for some drinks are outrageous!$ 11-12 per souvenir large drink. The food is overpriced as well, but that is to be expected. They have the usual fare, pizza, fries, funnel cakes. I had a good time.

Blaine Stephenson

Sunday, July 8, 2018
A fun place to get together with friends. The rides are nice, not the best but it's not Disney world. That's almost to be expected. It has a nice water park as well, which is nice in the summer. The Rattler is cool to ride, and the wheel of music is great. I'd recommend it, just bring friends.

Warman Hall

Saturday, June 2, 2018
I remember coming to this amusement park years ago. I would say my trip now very much improved on the last one! The park is developed and has a lot of new attractions. It's also nice that the shade trees have matured and there is actually nice shade to sit in while you're here now. I highly recommend this for family fun if you're in Albuquerque.

Abdel-Hameed Badawy

Monday, June 18, 2018
Stupid arrangement for the NM roller coaster ride. Front and back car(s) have their own lines. All the middle cars have single line. The middle cars line takes 4X faster or 4X less time to fill but you didn't read the car vs. cars, you are for a long wait. The scanning of the band for each rode is very annoying. The operators and workers were nice. They do search bags and don't want any good in so that the can sell you their unhealthy expensive food. They allowed water.

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