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Explora: creating opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology and art.


Learning - We value learning through experience that is an active, self-motivated and directed, personal and communal process, that reflectively connects and reevaluates new and old experiences, that uses experiences thoughtfully to do things that give them meaning, that is the means for adaptation and growth leading to and informing new experiences and new mysteriesand that inspires learning to continue.

Activity - We value activity that fosters opportunities for thought, curiosity, imagination, growth and lifelong learning through experiences involving experimental manipulation of material things, interaction of minds, bodies, objects, prior experiences, cooperation with othersand the creation of personal meaning.

Attitudes and Emotions - We value attitudes and emotions, as motivators, shapers and outcomes of experience, that respect all people; that promote curiosity, open-mindedness, patience and confidence to try new things and think for oneself; that support and inspire thoughtful activity and open possibilities for fruitful exploration and communicationand that free people to feel safe and joyful in exploring the known and the unknown, in questioning their perceptions and in changing their attitudes and understandings.

Community - We value community as a source and product of human activity, learning, growth, attitudes and emotions, that creates a sense of comfort and belonging, that welcomes the use of personal experiences with the physical world in which individual differences in experience can be shared with family, friends and colleagues through quiet and easy interaction, exploration and experimentationand we value the diverse community in which we live and to which we strive to make a positive contribution and to create an environment where all members of this community feel welcome and included.

Experience - We value experience that is direct and personal, that inspires curiosity, thoughtful activity and communication, that opens new dimensions and awareness of the world, that contributes to personal growth and the growth of personal meaning, that supports a learning communityand that underlies, encourages and sustains inquiry and lifelong learning.

Growth - We value growth that sustains and develops all the capacities of a whole person, that results from learning and open-minded self-reflection, that reevaluates what is known, that develops confidence and interest for investigating and discovering new ideas and mysteries of the worldand that leads to personal change in thoughtful ways that enhance future experiences.


Felicity Duran

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018

I think it’s great for kids. My two kids absolutely love this place and others like it. It doesn’t compare to some of the bigger ones we’ve been to in Europe, but for Albuquerque it’s definitely nice. For a tourist passing through and wanting to do a family friendly activity, this is definitely something you should do.

NM Resident

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

Fun but need to change it up. To go once or twice is fine but after that, blah. NM lacks diversity in recreational fun. I blame the poor leadership constantly scaring away new money. Poor decisions lead to everyone suffering at some point. We need tourism dollars. People must visit what we have to offer and go back home remembering how good they have it and how poor NM is. Tuesday is the best day to visit.

Kafilat Emmanuel

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018

I like this children's museum. My kids had a lot of fun. There are many different learning and play opportunities. It is big. I think it should be explored in multiple trips. They do have an annual membership plan, I think it is $95 for a family.

Jaye Martin

Friday, Nov. 24, 2017

Great hands on museum. Had a lot of fun with the bubbles area. Also lots of great water and air stuff. They also have a "quite" corner for if you need a place to let your kid calm down in a quite area. There is so much to do it's easy to get over simulated. I think I had as much fun as my daughter!

Daniel King

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018

We have a family pass and love to explore this place with our 5 kids. We can keep them all together or experience an activity/learning station with them one one one. Good place for a whole day adventure or to revisité a particular exhibit. Lots of hands on activities that the kids will enjoy and learn something while doing so.