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1701 Mountain Road NorthWest


Explora: creating opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology and art.


Learning - We value learning through experience that is an active, self-motivated and directed, personal and communal process, that reflectively connects and reevaluates new and old experiences, that uses experiences thoughtfully to do things that give them meaning, that is the means for adaptation and growth leading to and informing new experiences and new mysteriesand that inspires learning to continue.

Activity - We value activity that fosters opportunities for thought, curiosity, imagination, growth and lifelong learning through experiences involving experimental manipulation of material things, interaction of minds, bodies, objects, prior experiences, cooperation with othersand the creation of personal meaning.

Attitudes and Emotions - We value attitudes and emotions, as motivators, shapers and outcomes of experience, that respect all people; that promote curiosity, open-mindedness, patience and confidence to try new things and think for oneself; that support and inspire thoughtful activity and open possibilities for fruitful exploration and communicationand that free people to feel safe and joyful in exploring the known and the unknown, in questioning their perceptions and in changing their attitudes and understandings.

Community - We value community as a source and product of human activity, learning, growth, attitudes and emotions, that creates a sense of comfort and belonging, that welcomes the use of personal experiences with the physical world in which individual differences in experience can be shared with family, friends and colleagues through quiet and easy interaction, exploration and experimentationand we value the diverse community in which we live and to which we strive to make a positive contribution and to create an environment where all members of this community feel welcome and included.

Experience - We value experience that is direct and personal, that inspires curiosity, thoughtful activity and communication, that opens new dimensions and awareness of the world, that contributes to personal growth and the growth of personal meaning, that supports a learning communityand that underlies, encourages and sustains inquiry and lifelong learning.

Growth - We value growth that sustains and develops all the capacities of a whole person, that results from learning and open-minded self-reflection, that reevaluates what is known, that develops confidence and interest for investigating and discovering new ideas and mysteries of the worldand that leads to personal change in thoughtful ways that enhance future experiences.


Samantha Rowley

Monday, June 11, 2018
My kids had a blast here! The footprint is small, but there were many activities that entertained my kids. The bubble room was a huge hit! We also enjoyed the electricity room and the high wire bike! I took my 6, 11, & 15 yr old, and they all had fun throughout the museum, as did the adults!

Z Studios

Sunday, July 8, 2018
Great place! I went with my family and had a blast! As a teenager, it was fun to see cool projects and the math behind it, hands on activities, etc. There were even adults and elderly people playing at the bubble area, laughing and having a great time. Highly recommended.

Charlotte Begay

Sunday, July 1, 2018
Spent 2 hours at Explora, and it went by fast. My 2 year old finds something new to explore. His favorite is the bubbles and water stations. But I also learn something new each day. After our visit I cross the atreet to the park we wind down and take our daily walk. Its located right off the main road.


Monday, June 18, 2018
Great place to takes kids of all ages. If you want to do it all in one day plan on spending most of a day there. They do not offer any food service but you can leave and come back in the same day as long as you keep your receipt. Our kids really enjoy it and they have been multiple times.

Stef Steff

Sunday, May 6, 2018
Came here on a date with my boyfriend and best friend. Make sure to bring your student IDs, it’s just 5$ or else you have to pay extra for the adult admission. They offer many different activities, yes it’s more for kids but us college students enjoyed it as well. There was also a man with different kinds of live snakes which was pretty cool. It’s a nice date idea because you can go to explora then to the history museum across the street.

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